Payments facial scan

Payments facial scan

Payments facial scan


Now to be shopping at the mall shopping or shop around through the process of scanning its barcode with a barcode reader, code completion when the payment service. Credit card or debit card Of course, we also need more security as well. Just enter your password only, or signatures that began to be seen as strong enough as people began to turn to the use of unique individuals to help verify your identity, such as fingerprint scanners. (Fingerprint) readers or iris (Iris) also confirms its first significant payments like no one else has. In terms of usability, it is not too cumbersome by modern techno on Lee.


MasterCard is well known as a provider of financial credit. The facilities represent funds After scanning the barcode with a barcode reader Code then pay via credit card swipe machine. Add payment process to create a biometric security. In monetary transactions online more. The form of payment to MasterCard used as a biometric pattern integrated into the popular selfie confirm their identity before the transaction. Through an application of MasterCard. The user must be authenticated through a hole to enter the cell. MasterCard ago


The latest MasterCard revealed that Apple is testing the applications that come with the use of facial recognition scan. Face to confirm a person before making financial transactions online. Just install this application on a smartphone. Then, when we can buy anything on the Internet, applications, apps, it will bounce. On mobile Asked us to pay this amount or not. If so, it will be examined by scanning faces selfie face that matches ever. But first it It will use the front camera of the smartphone to store facial images. The user would have just held the camera, and then with flashing selfie face. To make sure your eyes are really people. No photo If it is found that matches the physical characteristics to be able to transact immediately.


This will scan the entire face and MasterCard have also added the ability for apps to support such applications with fingerprint scanners. Users can then choose to verify your identity with something. But of course that will be verified by a fingerprint is to a smartphone device. Supported by


This MasterCard, which goes hand in hand with the manufacturers of smart phones, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry apps to push the application scans the face of such a place. And after this he will be tested for use in the group of 500 people without any problems. It is expected to open to get used to each other. The problem of forgotten passwords or data by hacking it. I wonder if the video shows the face with a twinkle apps can be. Separated or not, that's not really a man. If you want to make full highlights. Holding down the shades fake lashes it into the face of what we already know?


This technology scans faces ... MasterCard credit card. The trial began using online payment systems through facial scan. Customers of the bank ABN AMRO (ABN Amro) of the Netherlands, 750 people participated in this experiment with. Everyone must have a smart phone with applications developed specifically for this test. Face detection using video. This trial is the first in the world by International Card Services International Card Service (ICS) stated.

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