Measuring nano for Fashion Design

Measuring nano for Fashion Design

Measuring nano for Fashion


Metrology Institute in collaboration with the National Centre for Nanotechnology. Office of Science and Technology. The signing ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation in research and development of nano-scale level. To international standards Accelerate the development of the underlying reference nanomaterials Recruitment metrology, nano-technology, global market trend. Open lab for testing, calibration standard of nano-products of Thailand and ASEAN. To help operators reduce costs instead of sending calibration abroad. Whether it is a mobile measurement tools, such as Vernier (Vernier) and so on.


         Measurement Tool Whether it is a device for measuring the workpiece vernier caliper (Vernier Caliper) for particle size measurement. The measure MEASURING Requires measuring devices To help entrepreneurs produce goods to meet customers both at home and abroad. And this is obviously smaller. Some parts are small to nano-scale. The production requires very high precision in measurements. The electronic components are typically manufactured from one country. Then forwarded to the operator of the country. It must be the same product. Otherwise, it will damage the industry is huge.


        Mr.Prayoon turbulent evolution, director of the Institute of National Metrology (at that.) Said that in order to support exports and monitoring imports of products of nanotechnology in the country and the region (at that.) So get set. National nanoscale measurement standards. The laboratories are all the same and can be traced back to a level of international recognition. With the purchase of advanced nanoscale instrumentation. And development of personnel with expertise in nanotechnology equivalent to the metrology of the developed countries.


       The project was developed under the project to develop chemical and biological reference materials. Developing methods to measure nano-metrology. Comparison of the measured activity of nanoparticles to confirm the accuracy of instruments to measure nanoparticles with different techniques. It also extends to partnerships with the private sector to produce electronic goods. Which requires the measurement level accuracy of nano. To increase accuracy and to add value to the product's service and nanotechnology. Mr.Prayoon said


       Of Prof. MD. Tote occasion was civilized, director of the Center for National Nanotechnology (Nanotech) revealed that the center Nanotech is currently working to set up a laboratory for testing nano-products in Thailand and the ASEAN region is. the first region To provide monitoring and measurement of nano-products to entrepreneurs nanotechnology. To promote export products to the United nanotechnology partners with law enforcement and standards related to nanotechnology.


       Through measurement and analysis of test materials, nanotechnology also can not be fixed. Because nanoscale instrumentation and personnel to the lack of availability in some parts. Analysis of the past must be sent to the laboratory to international standards. Which adds costs and takes quite a long time to know the results.


       Director Nanotech Said In the laboratory for analysis tested nanotechnology products. It is located in the area of ​​NSTDA. Thailand Science Park, Pathumthani. We are almost done and is expected to open during the month. Sub. C. To this. With a budget measure nanoscale advanced technology to more than 200 million baht.


      Prepare to be the center of the country and the region for detecting the neutrino. Both the calibration of measuring instruments such as nanoscale particle size measurement. The measure Volume measurements are expected to accommodate customers who are entrepreneurs and catalysts for petrochemical industry, manufacturers of building materials, electronic components, automotive parts, up to 15,000 samples per year. The products that pass inspection will receive the label "nano-Q" (Nano Q) as a tool to guarantee the confidence of nanotechnology, which is recognized on the world stage.


       The Dr. Pichet said that the signing of the cooperation between the two agencies in the Ministry of Science, this is a new starting point for building the confidence of the industry. Particularly the Nanotechnology Industry Hiding in many industries, such as electronics. petrochemical The cosmetics Including construction materials The trend in the modern world, using materials that are smaller. Portable convenience Nanotechnology is the technology to be picked to drive the industry.


       The collaboration of the two agencies since the five years prior to the integration of product design requirements for the evaluation of nanotechnology. The database of product quality certification. To determine the details and procedures of the review together with the Office of Industry (TISI), so that the operator can take comfort in bringing products to check the measurement accuracy. Which will lead to the extension of the measure nanoscale. The measure nanomaterials in the integrated services in one step, Dr. Pichet said.


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